Canadian Center of Science and Education: Facilitating Innovation

Canadian Center of Science and Education Canadian Center of Science and Education: Facilitating InnovationCanadian Center of Science and Education is an organization that supports research efforts around the world. From donating funds to specific initiatives to contributing books to research-based libraries, the work that the CCSE does creates a lasting impression on those who benefit from it. This organization is bent on working to create a better world for future generations. To achieve this goal, it has enacted several programs that uphold scientific discovery and equity in the workplace.

CCSE: A Quick History

Canadian Center of Science and Education was founded in 2006. Located in Toronto, Ontario, it is an independent organization that provides its services and resources to researchers around the globe. The CCSE is founded on scientific integrity, excellence, and respect in the professional world. As such, it has created partnerships with many like-minded organizations to better achieve its goals. Through these partnerships, it has created numerous programs that support the work of students, researchers, international endeavors, and publications.

In fact, Canadian Center of Science and Education produces many journals on its own. With over 40 of these publications to its credit, the organization certainly provides valuable information to people in multiple fields. These journals are highly regarded and respected indexes have integrated their articles into their databases.

Ultimately, Canadian Center of Science and Education provides assistance to researchers, students, and teachers in many subject areas. Some of the most prevalent include:

  • Social sciences
  • Humanities
  • Natural sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Medical sciences
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Management

To support these academic areas, CCSE provides the development of networks for international educational and research initiatives. Additionally, it offers scholarships to both educational institutions and individual research endeavors. As such, the organization lends its support to initiatives of varying sizes.

Research: Facilitating Innovative Discoveries

The support of research projects is one of the most important activities that CCSE carries out. The research efforts that the organization contributes to vary in topic, but they are all dedicated to uncovering new information about their field. Some of the areas in which CCSE is particularly interested include:

  • Education
  • The impact of the Internet on educational efforts
  • Human rights
  • Social equity
  • Asia-Pacific cooperation
  • Economic globalization
  • Legal issues
  • Politics
  • Public administration
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Educational system reformation
  • International education cooperation
  • Racial discrimination
  • International organization
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Management
  • Environmental development
  • Sustainable development

Through the support of these subject areas, CCSE has helped numerous researchers shed light on important new findings. The CCSE Fund, which is the official part of the organization that offers financial support to such initiatives, is currently assisting many new research and other endeavors. These include cancer research, library collection preservation, The Public Knowledge Project at Simon Fraser University, and multiple digital projects at the library of the University of Toronto.

The work that is conducted in the field of research is integral to the forward motion of the human race. From the humanities to the sciences, virtually every academic field relies upon research efforts to discover more about the past and build upon the future. The great potential that the research efforts of today’s world hold is incalculable. CCSE is excited to play a role in the development and execution of such initiatives, as they will change the future of the world.

Canadian Center of Science and Education Publishes Journals, Supports Sharing of Information

Sharing information is the only way for academics to continue to grow in their work. From the textbooks that students tote to class to the cutting edge articles that are published by leading professionals, information is shared in numerous ways. The distribution of scholarly journals is the best way for many academics to announce their discoveries and allow others to understand their work. As such, they are a primary resource for many individuals who are working on new research projects or are looking to improve initiatives that are already under way.

CCSE takes its mission of improving the future very seriously. Accordingly, the organization strives to provide researchers with the information they need to push their work to the next level. By publishing the most cutting-edge discoveries in scholarly journals, CCSE is able to contribute to the sharing of information that is necessary to help all academic areas grow.

In addition to providing the latest discoveries to the academic community, these journals are recognized for their dedication to the peer-review process. By having experts from corresponding fields go over each article, the journals have achieved a high degree of credibility. In fact, many professionals have donated their time to assist in peer review procedures.

The journals that CCSE has created number 43 and are all respected. In fact, they have all found themselves indexed by highly regarded databases. This is a wonderful accomplishment, as these databases serve as integral resources for researchers who are looking for new information. CrossRef, LOCKSS, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Gale’s Academic Databases, DOAJ, Ulrich’s, Scopus, and MLA International Bibliography are just some of the reputable databases that have indexed CCSE journals.

Memberships: Partnering with Like-Minded Organizations

CCSE knows that making a major difference in the world is not easy. However, the organization recognizes the truth in the old adage that there is strength in numbers. As such, CCSE has joined the ranks of multiple highly-regarded associations. As a result, the organization has had the chance to contribute to the activities of these associations while also benefitting from the networking opportunities that they provide.

Here are the four associations of which CCSE is a member:

  • Institutional Member, Canadian Association of Learned Journals
  • Affiliate Member, Canadian Association for University Continuing Education
  • Member, Canadian Foundation for Economic Education
  • Member, The Publishers International Linking Association

By maintaining its membership in good standing with these organizations, CCSE is able to provide a higher degree of value to the academics and researchers that it supports. This is just one of the many ways in which it facilitates the success of research projects around the world.

Canadian Center of Science and Education is an organization that thrives on helping researchers fund their initiatives. The individuals who lead this organization are dedicated to creating a stronger future by facilitating academic and scientific breakthroughs in the present. Canadian Center of Science and Education looks forward to continuing to uphold the values of scientific integrity, excellence, and respect and equity in the professional environment while supporting the efforts of today’s brightest minds.

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